Trooper Iwaniec Foundation

The Penbrook Police Department would like to thank the Trooper Iwaniec Memorial Foundation for their donation of a preliminary breath testing device.  This tool will be used to aid our officers while conducting DUI enforcement.  

Please read the Trooper Iwaniec Memorial Foundation Bio below and consider participating in their fundraiser so they can continue their mission to make the roadways a safer place for everyone. 

Trooper Iwaniec Memorial Foundation Bio:

On March 27, 2008, 24-year-old Kenton Iwaniec was savoring his dream job as a Pennsylvania State Trooper. He finished his shift and began his drive home. Less than two miles away from his station, an impaired driver crossed the center line, destroying Kenton's car and the promising life within it. Since that day, the Iwaniec family has paid tribute to Kenton through a tireless campaign to spare other families from the unnecessary pain they have endured. They have traveled the world, addressing groups ranging from inmates to military members, successfully lobbied for tougher DUI laws, and created the Trooper Kenton Iwaniec Memorial Foundation. The Iwaniec family, through the Trooper Kenton Iwaniec Memorial Foundation, has raised over $900,000 to donate more than 2,000 portable breath-testing devices to help state and local law enforcement agencies remove impaired drivers from the roads. The Iwaniec's message is one of hope amidst unimaginable pain, with a simple call to action- to make smart choices and positively influence the lives around you.

The foundation has a spring fundraiser, TakeOff Virtual Walk/Run, please consider supporting the family that has generously supported ours. Additional information can be found at