Fire Police

The history of the Fire Police stems back to the 20's in Steelton. As with any other volunteer organization the Fire Police have had their ups and downs over the years. The group was reorganized in April of 2004. We are always looking for people that may be interested in becoming a member of our organization. At this time we have an active staff of 9 officers. Led by Captain Bruce Elliott, Sergeants John Brandt and John Gelata. All officers are sworn representatives of the Borough of Steelton. The Captain is a State Certified Officer. The main purpose of the Fire Police is to provide crowd control, scene security, and traffic control for all calls the Fire Department is dispatched to and when requested by the Police Department and /or E.M.S. The Fire Police also provide the same protection to the Borough of Steelton's Highway, Water, and Community Development when requested. The Fire Police are proud to be part of Steelton's 125 year history and it's future.