CJAB Accomplishments

Accomplishments in the Criminal Justice System continue to be re-defined as stakeholders from Human Services to Community Agencies collaborate with local justice system practitioners.  An important part of understanding the function of the Criminal Justice Advisory Board is to clarify how our work can improve lives Dauphin County.  CJAB's engage in strategic planning processes as a method to create specific projects and measurable goals that can be used to evaluate what the CJAB is achieving over time.

Recent goals for the CJAB include, but are not limited to:

  • Revising the Court Calendar
  • Examining Problem Solving Court Programs
  • Gaming Table Funds and the Violent Crimes Task Force
  • Improving Re-Entry Services
  • Getting the Right People to the Table
  • Identifying Possible Funding Sources
  • Improving Collections of Fines/Fees/Costs/Restitution
  • Judicial Center / Central Booking
  • Overseeing Multiple Grant Projects

Stay tuned for updates on how the CJAB members, through its more than 10 year history and strong leaders, have worked to address some of these goals. Posts related to CJAB accomplishments will highlight successes and challenges encountered as we continue to move forward in our criminal justice system.