Criminal Justice Advisory Board (CJAB) Members

           Many of the members of the CJAB have participated in the work of the Board for 10 years or more.  Collectively, the members of the CJAB bring centuries of relevant experience to the table when we convene.  Each voting member of the CJAB is selected based on his or her leadership role in a department that is related to the operational success of the Criminal Justice System in Dauphin County. Currently, the voting members of the CJAB are as follows:

Francis T. Chardo*                             District Attorney (CJAB Chairman*)

George P. Hartwick, III                       County Commissioner

John F. Cherry                                   President Judge, Court of Common Pleas

Gregory Briggs                                  Warden, Dauphin County Prison

Chadwick Libby                                 Chief, Probation Services (Adult & Juvenile)

Amy Rosenberry                                Executive Director, Victim-Witness Assistance Program

Nicholas Chimienti, Jr.                       Sheriff

Dr. Ashley D. Yinger                           Criminal Justice Programming Administrator

Matthew Miller                                    Director, Work Release Center

Randie Yeager                                    Human Services Director (Children & Youth, Drug & Alcohol Services, Mental Health                                                            /Intellectual Disabilities)

Shannon Danley                                 Director, Pre-Trial Services

Deborah Freeman                              Court Administrator

Robert J. Sisock                                 Deputy Court Administrator for Criminal Court

Troy Petery                                         Deputy Court Administrator for Magisterial District Judges                                                             

Kristin Varner                                      Director, Drug & Alcohol Services

Andrea Kepler                                    Administrator, Mental Health/Autism/Developmental Programs

Mary Klatt                                           Chief Public Defender

Catharine Kilgore                               CJAB Administrator/Drug Court Coordinator

William Wenner                                  Magisterial District Judge

Elizabeth Zeigler Parry                       Director, County Information & Technology Services

Adam Kosheba                                   Director of Public Safety, Lower Paxton Township Police Dept. (President of the                                                           Chiefs of Police Association)

Tom Carter                                          Commissioner, Harrisburg Bureau of Police

Garth W. Warner                                 Chief, Derry Township Police Department 

Jeff Enders                                          Acting Director, Department of Public Safety

Dr. Jonathan Lee                                Pennsylvania State University

AliceAnne Frost                                  Community Representative

Dorothy Scott                                      Community Representative

Pat Stringer                                         Community Representative

              A Board member may appoint a representative to fulfill his or her duties and responsibilities on the board.  The Board may create additional positions based upon changing needs.