Criminal Justice Advisory Board (CJAB)

The Dauphin County Criminal Justice Advisory Board (DCCJAB or CJAB) has been a force behind innovation and collaboration in the local Criminal Justice System for more than 10 years.  Founded through an Administrative Order from the President Judge Kleinfelter in 2001 and revitalized in 2003 under the leadership of District Attorney Edward Marsico, Jr. and then President Judge Richard A. Lewis, the CJAB consists of stakeholders committed to revise, refine, and renew the approaches taken to work with offenders and victims of crime.

Several members of the CJAB have been stakeholders since its inception; others, we have learned are new invaluable partners adding a dynamic and depth to the discussion about crime yet unheard. As we continue the deliberation and decision-making that is so influential in leading Dauphin County forward as a foremost presence in combatting crime and treating those who enter the Criminal Justice System fairly, we invite the citizens of Dauphin County, to learn more about the men and women who work to protect and preserve our communities each day.

As adopted during the October 19th, 2011 Strategic Planning Retreat:

“The mission of the Dauphin County Criminal Justice Advisory Board (CJAB) is to enhance the criminal justice system and public safety through a collaborative and targeted approach which prioritizes the support of evidence-based practices and innovative strategies while maintaining fiscal responsibility and maximizing outside resources.”

PDF icon CJAB Strategic Plan - 2011 - Executive Summary