Megan's Law

Sexual Offenders and Sexually Violent Predators are required to register under Pennsylvania's Megan's Law. A Sexual Offender is a person who has been convicted of an offense listed under 42 Pa.C.S.A. ? 9795.1. A Sexually Violent Predator is a sexual offender for whom the Sexual Offender Assessment Board has determined is likely to engage in predatory sexually violent offenses.

There are over approximately 7100 active registered sex offenders in the state of Pennsylvania. Of those, at least 275 reside in Dauphin County.

Sex Offenders and Sexually Violent Predators must register for at least ten years to life. Sexual Offenders can be viewed on the Megan's Law website listed below. They are referenced by county. Only sexually violent predators are subject to community notification.

Community notification flyers contain 

  • The Offenders Name
  • Address at which they reside
  • Offense committed
  • Photograph

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