Highspire Police Department Motto, Mission and Vision Statements

                                                                                  MOTTO and MISSION 

                                                                                            OF THE

                                                                      HIGHSPIRE POLICE DEPARTMENT

The Motto, "to Protect and Serve," states the essential mission of the Highspire Police Department.   

The Mission of the department is to protect the rights of all persons within its Jurisdiction to be free from criminal attack, to be secure in their Possessions, and to live in peace.  The department serves the people of Highspire Borough by performing the law enforcement function in a professional manner and in cooperation with the citizens of the Borough.  It is through this cooperation that a safe and caring Environment is accomplished.

                             Mission Statement

To safeguard freedom by preserving life and property, protecting the Constitutional Rights of individuals, maintaining order and encouraging respect for the rule of law by the proper enforcement thereof.

To protect the public through proactive law enforcement and to promote a safe and secure environment for all to live.

To identify, address and resolve the root causes of community problems and concerns in concert with citizen groups and representatives through the use of community-oriented policing strategies.

                              Vision Statement


Strive to ensure that those that reside in, work in or visit Highspire will be safe.  We will work together to solve community and neighborhood problems while maintaining a high level of respect for all citizens and their Constitutional Rights.