Neighborhood Dispute Settlement


Neighborhood Dispute Settlement’s Mission

The purpose of Neighborhood Dispute Settlement is to provide mediation services as an alternative to other means of resolving disputes, such as involving the police, hiring an attorney or filing a complaint through the District Justice.

Bringing People Together Through Mediation

Mediation can solve a dispute with:

  • a family member
  • a landlord or tenant
  • a business, agency, merchant, consumer, or organization
  • an employer or employee
  • a neighbor, including harassment, loud music or noise, parking problems, pet problems, property line disputes or property maintenance issues

Neighborhood Dispute Settlement provides:

  • A neutral, nonviolent setting for disputing parties, in a location that is convenient to them
  • Trained and experienced mediators to facilitate cooperation between disputing parties; and
  • Mediation services without regard to the ability to pay.

The trained mediators can help you work out your own solution and put your agreement in writing.

Call the Neighborhood Dispute Settlement at (717) 233-8255 or (800) 324-4453 if you have any questions or to get more information.

315 Peffer Street
Harrisburg, Pa 17102

Fax: (717) 233-3261

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