Aggressive Animal Incident

On September 12th, 2019 at around 0819hrs the Susquehanna Township Police Department were dispatched to the area of 4500 block Bolton Notch Place for two victims that were bitten by a dog.  The victims were one juvenile female and one adult female.  The victims that were attacked were walking to the area of a bus stop on the sidewalk and were attacked by the dog as they were walking.  A Susquehanna Township Police officer arrived on scene and was attached by the dog also.   The officer fired multiple rounds at the dog as the dog was attacking the officer, striking the dog, causing it to retreat about 20 feet away.  The victims were treated at the scene by EMTs and released on scene for their injuries.  No victims were transported to the hospital from the scene.

The incident occurred about a block away from a bus stop where students were gathering to wait for a school bus.  The shooting of the dog occurred away from the citizens and students in the area.  The officer stopped the dog from attacking the students and citizens at the bus stop.  The dog owner was identified and an investigation is being conducted for charges.