Office of the District Attorney


The District Attorney, as the chief law enforcement officer of the county, is mandated by law to sign all bills of indictment and conduct in court all criminal and other prosecutions in the name of the Commonwealth. He is also a minister of justice and must exercise his duties with complete impartiality.

The District Attorney has jurisdiction over all felony, misdemeanor, and summary offenses. In addition, he is responsible for providing legal guidance in criminal matters for various police agencies and county departments.

The District Attorney's office works frequently with other county agencies such as Juvenile Probation, Children and Youth Services, Area Agency on Aging, Human Services, Prison, Adult Probation, County Home, and a long list of state agencies in providing the best possible criminal justice service to the citizens of Dauphin County and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The daily functions of the District Attorney's office demands the full time teamwork of dedicated professionals consisting of Attorneys, Administrative Staff, and Detectives. This team currently processes approximately 6,500 new adult cases each year. We also become involved in probation and parole violations, juvenile delinquency matters, criminal contempt petitions, appeals, and criminal investigations.