Vision/Mission/Core Values


The Middletown Police Department continually strives for excellence through service. Our department is motivated and inspired to provide consistent law enforcement and public safety services with both youth and experience to the citizens of Middletown and all that shall pass through our great community. 


With strength of character and direction, the Middletown Borough Police Department shall provide the highest quality of law enforcement and public safety services.  With superior training, education and community involvement we shall enforce the laws of the Commonwealth and this nation, by protecting the rights of all persons and property.  Through community policing we shall render all services necessary to instill the safety and security of this Borough.

Middletown Police Department Core Values


The Middletown Police Department will strive to maintain the highest moral and ethical standards of conduct while demonstrating fairness and equality to those we serve. Integrity is the framework in which our profession is built.  


The Middletown Police Department will put service before self and strive for excellence in all we do. We are committed to faithfully and selflessly performing our duties with the goal of enhancing safety and reducing the fear of crime by treating the community with fairness and equality.  In all interactions, we shall hold ourselves to treat those we serve with positive attitudes, manners and respect. We are dedicated to working with the public to ensure the highest level of service and feeling of security for those we serve.


The Middletown Police Department will maintain the strength of mind, body, and spirit to encounter and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty with fairness and surety of purpose. We will serve with honor and valor as we confront any and every situation.  We will fulfill our duties with confidence and determination to overcome any obstacle put before us. We will put the safety of others above our own and will not hesitate to protect those who cannot protect themselves.


The Middletown Police Department believes in its purpose to the community, and to making the Borough of Middletown a safer and stronger place with each day that passes. We shall serve with faith and loyalty in our mission, through adversity and hardships, without wavering from our cause.