Smash and Grabs

Police in the Middletown and surrounding communities are getting reports of "vehicular" smash and grabs. A smash and grab is when a window is broken on a car, store, etc. to steal small but valuable items such as cash, purses, wallets, smart devices, laptops, and other small electronics. 

The cases we are seeing are happening in broad daylight and the thieves are targeting cars parked in places such as public pools and fitness centers parking lots. These are target rich areas for a thieves because people commonly leave their valuables in their cars so they don't have to carry anything on them or in their pockets while they visit these places.

Please do not leave valuables in your car. It only takes a minute for your purse, wallet, smart device, or laptop to fall into the hands of a thief. If you must leave items in your car, we suggest securing them out of sight in the trunk (thieves often smash car windows to access visible items). We also recommend that you always lock your car, especially if it contains an automatic garage door opener that can provide access to your house. Never leave keys in an unattended vehicle. 

Most importantly, if you hear or observe suspicious activity, please notify the police immediately by calling 911.

Thank you.