Student Internships

The Derry Township Police Department is committed to developing partnerships with local colleges and universities and provide students of the criminal justice system a rich educational experience. The Student Internship Program allows frontline exposure to the operational, administrative and support functions of a full service police department. Intern positions are limited and restricted to one position per semester – fall, spring, summer. Interested students may review the established applicant criteria listed below and complete the Student Intern Program application as per the provided instructions. The Chief of Police will review each submission and applicants will be notified of the selection outcome by mail. Intership applications deadlines are as follows: Spring Internships-October 1st Summer Internships-March 1st Fall Internships-June 1st We do not accept applications for “Externships”.

Intern Criteria

Internship Application

PDF icon Student Intern Program CriteriaPDF icon DTPD Intern Application