Domestic Violation / Abuse Orders

How do I obtain a Protection From Abuse Order?

Protection From Abuse orders (PFA’S) are civil orders granted by the courts.  You may seek assistance in obtaining a PFA order by contacting one of the following agencies: Dauphin County Victim/Witness Assistance Program (717) 780-7075 Harrisburg Y.W.C.A (717) 238-7273

My spouse has violated a Protection From Abuse order?

Violations of Protection From Abuse orders should be reported through the communication center at 717-534-2202.  If you are facing imminent threat of personal injury as the result of a PFA violation you should immediately call 911.

My spouse is not complying with our child custody agreement?

Child custody orders are issues of the Civil courts.  The Police Department will not enforce such orders without a direct mandate from the Court or a child is in imminent danger.  You should report custody order violations to your attorney to seek relief from the Court.