Megan's Law / Sexual Offender Info

How many Megan's Law Offenders live and/or work in Derry Township?

According to information provided by the PA State Police there are currently 17 Offenders who have made notification that they are living and/or working in the township. No one with the designation of a Predator has made notification that they are currently residing in the township.

How do I find out if there are any Megan's Law offenders living in my neighborhood?

You can check the following sites to locate offenders:

What does the Police Department do to monitor Megan's Law Offenders?

The Derry Township Police Department Criminal Investigations section monitors the current offenders by providing patrol officers the names, addresses and photographs for the offenders working and residing in the community. These records are maintained by the Criminal Investigations section for investigative purposes. The list of Offenders is updated through notices received by Megan’s Law Section of the PA State Police. The PA State Police is the State repository for the Megan’s Law Offenders. The Derry Twp. Police Department is an authorized address change location for the Megan’s Law Section of the PA State Police. Offenders changing address of residence or employment can complete that task at the Derry Township Police station via CPIN connection to the PA State Police.