Swatara Police Warn of Phone Scams



On this date, Saturday, September 5, 2015, Swatara Township Police and other surrounding agencies received dispatches for alleged kidnappings of the caller's loved ones. The suspects in these cases allege that they have the person's spouse, children or other family members and that if they do not receive money for their release they will kill them. In each of these cases the departments have made contact with the alleged kidnapped individuals and determined they were safe. These calls have originating phones numbers coming back to Florida (352 area code) and Wisconsin (414 area code). This announcement is to help notify citizenry that these are phone scams to obtain money from the victims. Though these calls appear to originate within the United States they are actually from out of the U.S. Any money given in these types of scams is unrecoverable and prosecution is usually not possible. In other phone scams the suspects say they are from the IRS and have warrants for your arrest unless you send money. These suspects also use the ploy of saying they have a loved one at one of our boarders and that loved one has been arrested and needs money for bail or a lawyer. These persons are savvy and will use many tactics to get your money. As always, it is recommended to never post personal information on websites, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc, or give personal information over the phone unless you can confirm the source. If you do not recognize a phone number that is calling you let the person leave a message.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

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