Frequently Asked Questions

It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to discharge any gun or firearm, bow and arrow, flobert rifle, air gun, spring gun or other deadly weapon, except in defense of person or property, or while engaged in lawful hunting, within the limits of Swatara Township.

The Swatara Township Police Department welcomes responsible citizen’s comments concerning the quality of service provided by the department and it’s employees to the community.

Criticisms or complaints may be brought to the attention of any employee or directed to the Chief of Police, a Lieutenant, or a shift supervisor.

Inquiries concerning policy, procedure, or tactics used by the department will be addressed by a shift supervisor.

Formal or informal complaints against the department or any employee will be reviewed by the Chief of Police and investigated through a regulated, impartial, and confidential internal investigation process, the outcome of which will be provided to the citizen in writing by the Chief of Police. 

To initiate a complaint, please contact the Chief of Police, one of the Lieutenants, or the shift supervisor at the police station. You may also request a phone call about your complaint through our dispatch center at Dauphin County Communications (717-558-6900). In order to initiate the complaint, you will be asked to complete and sign a short form outlining your concerns. This form will then be submitted to the Chief of Police for review and assignment to a Swatara Township Police Internal Affairs investigator (or other investigator, if deemed appropriate by the Chief of Police). You will then be contacted by the investigator in reference to your complaint. At the conclusion of the investigation into your complaint, the investigator will submit a report to the Chief of Police indicating his or her findings. The Chief of Police will then send you a letter via U.S. Mail indicating the outcome of said investigation.

Your responsibilities as a dog owner can be found here.


It shall be unlawful for any person 17 or less years of age (under 18) to be or remain in or upon the streets within the Township of Swatara at night during the period ending at 6:00 a.m. and beginning:

A. At 10:00 PM for minors 13 or less years of age.

B. At 11:00 PM for minors 14 or more years of age.

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