K-9 Unit

The Swatara Township Police Department is pleased to report that we finally have our K-9 Unit up and running.  Police K-9 Kix and Officer Gibson have been working together for a few weeks now and have already assisted multiple officers with several narcotic investigations.  Corporal Bloss recently selected his K-9 partner, “JT” and they have both started their K-9 Academy training.  We hope to have both Kix and JT working the streets full time in late June or early July. 

The K-9 Unit was very expensive to get started and although we were able to raise the majority of funds through business donations and grants, we still have about $24,000 to raise.  This is why our goal amount was lowered.  We still need YOUR HELP however to complete our mission of fully funding this program through the community.

The police K-9 unit aids our department in various ways to include assisting the patrol division with investigations, drug searches, missing children/persons, school searches, criminal apprehensions, article searches and community outreach programs. A K-9 is an invaluable tool to any police department and we are very excited to see this program return to Swatara Township.

Please consider donating to this worthy cause and help spread the word about our new endeavor. With your help and support we know we can get the remaining amount of money needed for this program.

Thank you for your consideration and please donate today https://www.gofundme.com/swatara-township-police-k9-unit!



K-9 Kix was welcomed to the Department on March 9th and completed his training in May. Kix is an 18 month old Belgian Malinois and German Shepard Mix and is handled by Officer Scott Gibson, an 8 Year Veteran of the Swatara Township Police Department.


Our newest K-9 Officer is K-9 J.T. He was welcomed to the department on May 25th.  J.T. is an 11 Month old German Shepard mix and is currently in training with his handler, Corporal Timothy Bloss. Corporal Bloss is an 11 Year Veteran with the Swatara Township Police Department.