K-9 Unit

The police K-9 unit aids our department in various ways to include assisting the patrol division with investigations, drug searches, missing children/persons, school searches, criminal apprehensions, article searches and community outreach programs. A K-9 is an invaluable tool to any police department and since 2018 we have been able to add three police k-9's to our uniformed Patrol Division, greatly in part from the many donations that have been received from the public.

Please consider donating to this worthy cause to help keep this program going strong!  All donations are utilized for care for the K-9's, equipment, mandatory training and future K-9 additions to the team.

Thank you for your consideration and please consider donating today at https://www.gofundme.com/swatara-township-police-k9-unit!



K-9 Kix

K-9 Kix is a Dutch Shepherd who started his career with the Swatara Township Police Department in March 2018 and was the first K-9 for the department since 2008.  K-9 Kix and his handler, Officer Scott Gibson, graduated from Castle’s K-9 Academy in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania in April 2018. 

K-9 Kix is full of energy and always ready to go to work.  He loves being outdoors, chewing on his Kong, being around people, and will do pretty much anything for his reward. 

K-9 J.T.

K-9 J.T. was born on June 9, 2017, in Slovakia.  K-9 J.T. is a German Shepherd / Belgian Malinois mix.  K-9 J.T. was selected by his handler, Corporal Timothy Bloss, on May 25, 2018.  K-9 J.T. is certified through the North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA).  K-9 J.T. is certified in Narcotics Detection, Tracking, Obedience, Article Searches, Area Searches, Building Searches, & Aggression Control. 

K-9 J.T. lives at home with Corporal Bloss and his family.  When K-9 J.T. is not at work, he enjoys playing with his family and taking walks every day.  K-9 J.T. loves playing with a variety of balls, Kongs, and tug toys.


K9 JT and Cpl. Bloss

K-9 Santi

K-9 Santi was born on August 1, 2019, in Slovakia.  He is a German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix.  K-9 Santi was selected by his handler, Officer Chris Smith on August 21, 2020.  Officer Smith and K-9 Santi completed their North American Police Working Dog Association certification through Castle’s K-9 Academy in September of 2020.  K-9 Santi is certified in Obedience, Narcotics Detection, Tracking, Article/Area/Building Searches, and Aggression Control. 

K-9 Santi is a very social, working dog and likes meeting new people.  When he is not working, K-9 Santi enjoys hanging out with his family, running around outside and playing fetch.