Beware of Package Theft

With the holiday season upon us, more and more consumers will have packages delivered to their front door. Unfortunately, if left unattended for too long, those packages become very enticing to thieves. In order to lessen the likelihood that your deliveries will be stolen from the front porch, the Swatara Township Police Department recommends the following:

  • Have your package delivered to a location where it can be received at the door instead of being left outside. Would your employer allow your packages to be delivered to your place of business instead of your home? Can a neighbor watch your porch and get your delivery after it's dropped off?
  • Set up delivery notifications with the shipper. This is usually a free service and can alert you via email or text message that your package has arrived. That will allow you to notify a neighbor, friend, or family member who can swing by your residence and secure the package.
  • Request that the shipper place the package in a hidden location, like behind something that will conceal it, or inside of an inconspicuous container at your residence.
  • Some shippers can deliver the item(s) to a local lock box or store instead of your front porch. Information on that type of service is usually included on the shipper's website.
  • Install cameras. There are several surveillance cameras on the market that you can install at your home to record your front porch or other delivery area. Many of these cameras are integrated into a doorbell system. If your packages are stolen, video evidence will help us investigate the crime and make arrests.
  • And finally, if you see suspicious activity concerning delivered packages call the police right away! We have a much better chance of conducting a successful investigation if we receive information in a timely manner.