Community Policing on the Greenbelt

Swatara Township's Police Department conducted an Enhanced Community Policing Detail on the Capital Area Greenbelt this weekend*. The increased Bicycle, Walking, ATV and traditional patrols were added to the Trailhead Parking area's in Swatara Township and Paxtang Borough. The CAGA trail, SAMBA mountain bike trails and surrounding neighborhoods also saw an additional STPD presence.

Thank you Lieutenant Shatto and Officer Lex!

Some of the numbers:
9 -patrol hours
2 -bike repairs
54 -bottles of water provided
11- assist with directions/transportation
113 - positive citizen contacts
0 -arrests/citations
4- types of patrols: Foot, bike, ATV, SUV
1- dog reunited with owner
99- degrees :-)

Also, several volunteers were tending to the gardens, litter was picked up around the Reverend Martin Luther King Memorial and a nice family shared their snacks with the Police Officers.

Additional Enhanced Community Policing details are planned on the Greenbelt as well as other locations in Swatara Township and Paxtang Borough.

*Photos include events and STPD Patrols from prior years.