Kids Coloring Challenge Wrap Up

Thank you to all of the children who participated and submitted drawings for the Kids Coloring Challenge over the past 2 weeks!  We loved seeing all of the different drawings that were sent in....we have some great artists among us :)  You may be wondering why I have a bit of a skeleton face going on right now.....well, I am utilizing one of the play pieces from a board game called "Speak Out."  Do you have a favorite board game?  Speak out is a fun, challenging game....that makes you drool a lot.......and the object is for your teammate to guess what you are saying with the mouth piece inserted, which is harder than it looks......but anyway.....we will be picking the winners next week for the Kids Coloring Challenge and we will be reaching out to parents/guardians at that time to arrange for the goody bag distributions.  Regardless of who is selected, ALL of the kids did such a great job!  The Swatara Township Police Department would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday this weekend.  Kids....remember.....stay active, stay positive, eat healthy, study E.T. if you haven't seen it yet...........and we will see you in the upcoming months.  Take Care!!!