Mission, Vision, and Values

MISSION STATEMENT: All Members of the Lower Paxton Police Department will Respect all; be ever faithful to Duty; develop meaningful Partnerships; and constantly Learn to better serve. We will accomplish our mission by:

  • Respecting the rights of citizens: Treating all people with the dignity and respect they are entitled regardless of race, color, creed, religion, gender, or socio-economic status.
  • Acknowledging our duty: Constantly recognizing our sole purpose for existence is to serve our community and its citizens who are the source of our authority. We will focus on quality service, accept accountability, and follow-up relentlessly.
  • Developing community partnerships: Establishing our membership in the community by employing community oriented, problem solving, and proactive policing methods.
  • Being a learning organization: Quickly adapting our goals and operations to meet our community’s changing needs and demand for services, thereby ensuring the Department’s priorities match the community’s expectations.

VISION STATEMENT: The Lower Paxton Police Department will strive to be the best provider of municipal police services in the Commonwealth. Innovation, accountability and partnerships will be our hallmarks for accomplishing our mission.

CORE VALUES: The core values that will guide our actions in the pursuit of fulfilling our mission are:

  • Respecting the value of human life and protecting civil rights.
  • Protecting the lives, safety and property of our fellow citizens.
  • Fighting crime through prevention and assertively pursuing violators.
  • Taking ownership of and solving neighborhood problems.
  • Maintaining the highest standard of integrity.
  • Recognizing that our personnel are our greatest assets.
  • Managing our resources in a safe, efficient and effective manner.