Operation Services Division

The Operation Services Division is the largest division within the Bureau of Police.  Captain Thomas Bell is the Operation Services Division Commander. The Operation Services Division is comprised of the Patrol Section and the Special Operations Section.

The Patrol Section is overseen by the Patrol Sergeant and is staffed with four patrol platoons.  Each platoon is staffed with a Corporal, Patrolman First Class, and Officers.

The Special Operations Section is overseen by the Special Operations Sergeant and is comprised of Community Policing, the Community Engagement Team, which also has a K-9 unit, a School Resource Officer, and the Traffic Safety unit. The K-9 unit is trained in patrol tactics, drug detection and tracking.

While every officer of the Bureau is sworn to protect life and property, prevent crime and arrest violators of the law, it is the members of the Operation Services Division that accomplish these goals through routine patrol of assigned areas of the township. Patrol officers respond to emergency and non-emergency calls for service, investigate traffic collisions, enforce vehicle laws, and handle any other requests for police service. The Operation Services Division handles over 32,000 calls for service each year.