Frequently Asked Questions

There are two parts to this question.  If you are being bothered by your neighbors' cats, the owners are in violation of the Animals at Large ordinance and the police will take action against them.  However, if the cats are feral, please visit and describe your situation.  

Edited 11/16/18

The Board of Supervisors is currently reviewing this process.

No.  Lower Paxton Township has adopted the International Fire Code which prohibits open burning without a permit.  It is permissible, under strict guidelines, to have a campfire for recreational purposes within a fire ring or portable fire pit.  If the smoke becomes objectionable, it may be ordered that it be extinguished.  For additional information on this topic, please contact the Township Fire Marshall or the Fire Chief for your fire district. 

Unless we deem an animal to be a risk to the community (e.g. rabid, aggressive), we do not remove non-domestic animals.  Injured deer, bear, and and other game animals are picked up the PA Game Commission.  Animals such as skunks, groundhogs, and rabbits that are not deemed a risk must be removed by a private pest removal company.  They can be found in the phone book.

The Vehicle Code says that a child under 6 years old shall not be left unattended in a vehicle while the vehicle is out of the operator’s sight and in unsafe circumstances. Also, a bit of common sense would say it is not a good idea. We see this mostly at convenience stores where a parent just runs in for a few quick items.  While it may seem like your child is within view, please remember that it only takes a criminal a few seconds to jump in your car and leave, possibly with your child still in the car.  Take the extra time and take your children with you.

 Popular myth says there is some weight factor for determining when kids can be in various types of car seats.  Pa’s law is relatively simple.  For children UNDER four years old, they must be in a “child passenger restraint system”.  This is a seat with it’s own seatbelt system, usually a 5-point harness.  Children four years or older but UNDER eight must be in an approved booster seat used in conjunction with the vehicle’s seatbelt.  All persons under 18 must wear a seatbelt anywhere they are seated in the vehicle.  All of these provisions are the responsibility of the driver, not necessarily the parent.  We have certified car seat inspectors and will be happy to ensure your child’s seat is properly installed. 

Please bring it to the Police Department lobby.  There is a MedReturn box where you can anonymously and securely drop your medication for us to dispose of.  It is preferred that you place the medication in a zip-loc bag and dispose of your prescription containers at home after removing the labels.  Please, no needles or controlled substances!

No.  It is unlawful in Lower Paxton Township to park a truck tractor and/or the trailer on any public street.  In addition, it is unlawful to park a boat trailer, utility trailer, camping trailer, etc. on the street if it is not connected to a towing vehicle. 

Yes.  Residents are encouraged to provide the Police Department with the information from the vacation house check form contained on the Forms tab of this site.

Yes.  For a fee, the Police Department will fingerprint you and provide you with the fingerprint cards for you to submit.  Please go to the Police Department public entrance between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM Monday through Friday. 

Yes.  It is unlawful for any person 17 or fewer years of age (under 18) to be or remain in or upon the streets or public properties within the township at night during the period ending at 5:00 a.m. and beginning at 12:00 midnight.  Public properties include any place open to the public.

Yes,  Anyone going door to door to sell wares, solicit sales and/or sell services must have a permit issued by the Police Department.  The application is located under the Forms tab of this site but it must submitted in person at the Police Department.  If you are soliciting magazine subscriptions, you must first have a permit from the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office before you can apply at the Township. 

No.  Any vehicle parked on a public street must be legally registered and inspected.  Even if he moves it into his driveway, it would be considered a junk vehicle by ordinance definition.