Technical Services Division

The Technical Services Division provides specialized investigative and administrative support to the Operations Services Division.  The Technical Services Division is under the command of Lieutenant Timothy Hicks.  The Criminal Investigation Section and Administrative Section fall within the Technical Services Division.  The Criminal Investigation Section is staffed with nine police personnel: a Detective Sergeant, a Detective Corporal, and seven Detectives.  One of the Detectives serves as the warrant officer as well.  There are three civilian employees assigned to the Criminal Investigation unit includes a Mental Health Co-Responder, a Victim/Witness Advocate and a Children and Youth Advocate. 

Members of Criminal Investigation perform both initial investigations and follow up investigations.  Detectives conduct initial investigations of serious crimes and conduct follow up investigations when time, geography, or manpower restraints prevent Patrol Officers from continuing the investigation.  Detectives investigate a variety of incidents including homicides, assaults, sex crimes, robberies, burglaries, thefts, vehicles thefts and frauds.  Detectives receive intensive training every year designed to keep them abreast of the most advanced investigative methods available and up to date on the ever-changing criminal world.

The Administrative Section is staffed with a Sergeant, officer, and seven civilian employees.  The Units that fall within the Administrative Section include Evidence and Property, Records Staff, Logistics Administrator and Community Service Officer.  The Evidence and Property Unit is staffed with one officer and one civilian.  The Evidence and Property Unit maintains evidence and property submitted by Officers and Detectives, processes crime scenes and potential evidence submitted by Officers and Detectives.  The Evidence and Property Unit utilizes a state-of-the-art computer system to maintain the chain of custody of evidence and property in accordance with national and state standards.  The Records Staff are responsible for data entry into the Department’s Records Management System and all the associated paperwork and electronic documentation.  The Logistics Administrator along the Administrative Sergeant oversee the Department’s Accreditation Program.  The Logistics Administrator maintains the Department’s numerous computer and technical systems.  These Systems include the Records Management System, in-car camera system, computer aided dispatch, Traffic citation and accident software, and building security.  The Community Service Officer is a civilian position.  There is currently one Community Service Officer.  The Community Service Officer supports the Technical Services and Operations Divisions by performing a variety of routine, non-hazardous, non-sworn law enforcement duties, both in the field and in the office.